For our customers:

We are specialists in providing financing solutions to multiple industries.  Since we work with a stable of funding partners, we can help you achieve your corporate goals and objectives while ensuring that you receive the best pricing, terms, and conditions available to acquire the capital assets you need to run your organization or business.

What does this mean for you?  It means that MEDCAP will identify and secure financing solutions that will help you achieve your goals and objectives regardless of the budgetary, financial, or regulatory restrictions you face. 

For our partners:

Our mission is simple.  We want to help you make the most of your business opportunities.  Whether you are an equipment provider or a software developer; whether you market to hospitals or clinics, colleges or universities, or any other commercial enterprise, we have the relationships in place to customize a financing solution. MEDCAP is ready to become an integral part of your business process, identifying the right choices for you and your customer. 

What does this mean for our partners? It means that we have the ability to create customized strategies that will help preserve margins, shorten the sales cycle, differentiate you, and ensure satisfied customers. 

Best of all, you have our loyalty. We commit to working with only one company in any market segment, so that we can bring unique value to each partner and set you apart from your competition.  For this reason, we are highly selective with whom we choose to establish a relationship.

"The value you have delivered to my sales team, even when there was no opportunity for you is immeasurable. 

We look forward to having the chance to work with you again."

Sales Manager/EHR Vendor

John McManigal brings over two decades of equipment financing experience. Prior to launching MEDCAP Asset Finance, John sold and financed multiple technology products beginning with a successful 16-year career at IBM. John brings all the knowledge and relationships that come from years working in the financial services industry developing customized financing programs on behalf of several major leasing companies. Most recently, he has focused his efforts specifically in the healthcare industry. During his career, he has supported many major equipment and software vendors by providing financial solutions that have boosted their sales results and helped them achieve their revenue objectives. John has a proven track record of identifying and securing the best options for his partners and their customers.